tanjaA Flexible Communications SystemYorhel10 years
ylibA collection of small, reusable C librariesYorhel6 years
yxmlA small, fast and mostly-correct XML parserYorhel11 months
ypcAn experimental IPC/RPC mechanismYorhel7 years
asyncwrAsynchronous writer package for GoYorhel9 years
binspectBencode inspection toolYorhel16 months
chifs-common-rsCommon Rust functions and types for ChiFSYorhel12 months
compllCompressed memory allocatorYorhel11 years
dbushConvenient D-Bus debugging shellYorhel8 years
geldCrappy financial program written in QtYorhel12 years
globster-depsDependencies for GlobsterYorhel8 years
pwlookupExperiments with a small B-tree implementation for word lookups in a password di...Yorhel2 years
fcgyFastCGI MiddlewareYorhel4 months
ncsautilHTTP log file parsing and filtering utilityYorhel6 years
chifs-hubHub implementation for ChiFSYorhel12 months
websIntended to be a super flexible web server in RustYorhel5 years
logstatLog analysis tool for the CLIYorhel4 years
globsterModular and Flexible Direct Connect ClientYorhel5 years
globster-goModular and Flexible Direct Connect Client Framework attempt in GoYorhel9 years
ncdcNCurses Direct Connect (...client)Yorhel6 months
ncduNCurses Disk UsageYorhel6 weeks
nginx-confgenNginx configuration file macro language and preprocessorYorhel8 months
poco-pgPOE::Component::Pg - Asynchronous PostgreSQL interface for POEYorhel12 years
torctlRust crate to interact with the Tor networkYorhel2 years
seentlSEEN#.utf file editor written in Qt - never made it into a working stateYorhel13 years
chifs-shareShare implementation for ChiFSYorhel12 months
sql-interpSimplified interpolation of variables into SQL statements in Perl. Yorhel7 months
dcstatsSome Measurements on Direct Connect File ListsYorhel8 years
mldemoSome demo experiments in OCamlYorhel11 years
vndbapi-rustSome lazy experiments with using the VNDB API from Rust. Do not use.Yorhel3 years
vndbSource code of VNDB.orgYorhel12 hours
bintelSource code of years
yorhel-devSource code of dev.yorhel.nlYorhel8 weeks
mannedSource code of manned.orgYorhel12 days
bpasteSource code of p.blicky.netYorhel6 months
tor-staticStatically linked binaries for TorYorhel2 years
tuwfTUWF - The Ultimate Website FrameworkYorhel3 months
tanja-cTanja implementation in CYorhel10 years
tanja-goTanja implementation in GoYorhel9 years
tanja-perlTanja implementation in PerlYorhel9 years
chifsThe Onion Routed File Share - Specs and ideasYorhel10 months
multisockUnified types for TCP & Unix sockets in RustYorhel17 months API Testing & Debugging ClientYorhel11 years
yawfYorhels Awesome Website Framework - the old TUWFYorhel12 years