asyncwrAsynchronous writer package for GoYorhel9 years
binspectBencode inspection toolYorhel16 months
bintelSource code of years
bpasteSource code of p.blicky.netYorhel6 months
chifsThe Onion Routed File Share - Specs and ideasYorhel10 months
chifs-common-rsCommon Rust functions and types for ChiFSYorhel12 months
chifs-hubHub implementation for ChiFSYorhel12 months
chifs-shareShare implementation for ChiFSYorhel12 months
compllCompressed memory allocatorYorhel11 years
dbushConvenient D-Bus debugging shellYorhel8 years
dcstatsSome Measurements on Direct Connect File ListsYorhel8 years
fcgyFastCGI MiddlewareYorhel4 months
geldCrappy financial program written in QtYorhel12 years
globsterModular and Flexible Direct Connect ClientYorhel5 years
globster-depsDependencies for GlobsterYorhel8 years
globster-goModular and Flexible Direct Connect Client Framework attempt in GoYorhel9 years
logstatLog analysis tool for the CLIYorhel4 years
mannedSource code of manned.orgYorhel12 days
mldemoSome demo experiments in OCamlYorhel11 years
multisockUnified types for TCP & Unix sockets in RustYorhel17 months
ncdcNCurses Direct Connect (...client)Yorhel6 months
ncduNCurses Disk UsageYorhel6 weeks
ncsautilHTTP log file parsing and filtering utilityYorhel6 years
nginx-confgenNginx configuration file macro language and preprocessorYorhel8 months
poco-pgPOE::Component::Pg - Asynchronous PostgreSQL interface for POEYorhel12 years
pwlookupExperiments with a small B-tree implementation for word lookups in a password di...Yorhel2 years
seentlSEEN#.utf file editor written in Qt - never made it into a working stateYorhel13 years API Testing & Debugging ClientYorhel11 years
sql-interpSimplified interpolation of variables into SQL statements in Perl. Yorhel7 months
tanjaA Flexible Communications SystemYorhel10 years
tanja-cTanja implementation in CYorhel10 years
tanja-goTanja implementation in GoYorhel9 years
tanja-perlTanja implementation in PerlYorhel9 years
tor-staticStatically linked binaries for TorYorhel2 years
torctlRust crate to interact with the Tor networkYorhel2 years
tuwfTUWF - The Ultimate Website FrameworkYorhel3 months
vndbSource code of VNDB.orgYorhel13 hours
vndbapi-rustSome lazy experiments with using the VNDB API from Rust. Do not use.Yorhel3 years
websIntended to be a super flexible web server in RustYorhel5 years
yawfYorhels Awesome Website Framework - the old TUWFYorhel12 years
ylibA collection of small, reusable C librariesYorhel6 years
yorhel-devSource code of dev.yorhel.nlYorhel8 weeks
ypcAn experimental IPC/RPC mechanismYorhel7 years
yxmlA small, fast and mostly-correct XML parserYorhel11 months