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# Project status
-At this point, ChiFS is not much more than an assorted collection of notes,
-ideas and early alpha and beta-level implementations. Parts of it are already
-usable, but don't expect it to be a very smooth or bug-free experience.
+**Vaporware**. There's a partially finished protocol. There's a perfectly
+adequate (but by no means finished) Share implementation. There was a minimally
+working Hub implementation, but it's kind of broken right now. There are no
+Clients other than that any Tor-capable web browser can be used as one.
+Development has stagnated. There's exactly one developer (me) who sometimes
+codes a little bit when in the mood, but for ChiFS to be a success we'll need
+multiple implementations to cover all use cases, and that's not going to happen
+anytime soon at the current pace. If you believe in what ChiFS attempts to
+achieve and want to help out, feel free to write your own Share, Client or Hub
+implementation - that's how we can get this ecosystem started. I'll still be
+around to help flesh things out and do some occasional development. Maybe, in a
+few decades or so, I might just finish this thing on my own, but don't hold
+your breath.
Discussion happens on Matrix:
[]( There's also an IRC
gateway at #chifs @ Freenode.
-**2020-05-10 update**: I've picked up development again after a long break and
-I plan to bring a bunch of major protocol changes. Stay tuned, or bug me on
-Matrix/IRC for details.
# High-level architecture