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2010-06-02Tiny README updateHEADmasterYorhel1-0/+8
2010-05-07Don't compile any code if COMPLL_NOLIB is definedYorhel1-0/+3
None of the code is needed in that case, after all.
2010-05-07Removed debugging code and added README fileYorhel2-36/+24
2010-05-04Small performance improvement when adding a new ablockYorhel1-11/+6
This action is not performed all that often compared to some other heavy operations, but it was easy to optimize and could still save a significant amount of CPU time for large ablock arrays.
2010-05-04Expanded the functional testYorhel2-18/+33
I'd say this test is now finished. I should add some tests to make sure that the internal functions within compll.c do what they should in every situation, but as those tests are hard to write and the functional test would likely have found a bug if something was wrong with them, I'd save the more detailled tests for later.
2010-05-03Wrote basic test suite and fixed several bugs along the wayYorhel7-25/+210
Test suite will have to be expanded to cover more possible situations in which a bug could arrise.
2010-04-29Implemented compll_read() and compll_write()Yorhel1-4/+38
The library is now done, functionality-wise. What follows are testing and performance optimization.
2010-04-26Implemented free(), node merging, changed back to a doubly linked listYorhel1-82/+140
A link to the previous node in the unused linked list was required in order to merge nodes together. I also added a 3rd field to the end of each unused node indicating the size of the node. This is required to find the offset of the previous unused node when doing a backward merge. This increases the minimum node size to 6 bytes. Not all functionality has been tested yet. This code is bound to have bugs.
2010-04-26Added MIT license and copyright noticesYorhel3-0/+68
2010-04-26Added node splitting, used singly linked list for free nodes, finished alloc()Yorhel2-81/+172
The unused nodes list didn't have to be doubly linked, as there is no situation in which the prev link is required for performance. This lowers the minimum node size to 2 bytes, but as that may not always be a very good idea for performance, the minimum node size has been made configurable with a macro. It's also very easy to introduce bugs in this code due to all the references and multiple representations of the same data, might be an idea to add a test suite later on...
2010-04-22Initial commit of a very early alpha version of the libraryYorhel4-0/+547