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masterSprinkle the AST with source locations to improve error messagesYorhel4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-10-21Sprinkle the AST with source locations to improve error messagesHEADmasterYorhel5-62/+92
2017-10-16Move Main into lib; Fix space leak; Simplify stepL/finalLYorhel7-142/+130
2017-10-15Separate state from statements; Don't use mtl for evaluationYorhel7-151/+148
2017-10-15Reorganize project structureYorhel8-20/+22
2017-10-15Add replace() and extract(); study regexes; Add own PCRE wrapperYorhel7-13/+225
2017-10-10Add function definitions + callsYorhel5-42/+101
2017-10-08Add regex match operatorYorhel4-6/+17
2017-10-08Add power and ternary operatorYorhel4-7/+17
2017-10-08Allow multiple variables in show and group statementsYorhel5-19/+17
2017-10-07Implement minimal aggregationYorhel5-25/+50