AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2007-08-05Preperations for version 1.3v1.3yorhel3-3/+19
2007-08-05Two small bug fixes: interface bug in the delete progress, and getpath return...yorhel2-2/+2
2007-08-05Documented the 'a' and 'i'-keys, help window is more dynamic and updated TODOyorhel3-46/+60
2007-08-02Configure checks for ncurses.h, fixes bug #1764304yorhel2-2/+1
2007-08-01* Added 'a'-key to toggle between showing apparent size and disk usageyorhel3-17/+84
2007-08-01* Calculate both apparent size and disk usageyorhel6-57/+42
2007-07-29Documented the refresh feature and made some improvements in the help windowyorhel2-59/+59
2007-07-29Preperations for the export feature: re-ordered the file flags and removed FF...yorhel3-12/+11
2007-07-29Fixed a few compiler warnings and added a TODO listyorhel2-1/+17
2007-07-27Items will not be unnecessarily resorted when they are already in the correct...yorhel2-5/+16
2007-07-26Changed struct dir from a doubly to a singly linked list (less memory usage, ...yorhel5-65/+45
2007-07-26* Changed ncdu version to "svn" - only actual releases will have the correct ...yorhel4-52/+58
2007-07-26Added 'r' key to refresh the current directoryyorhel4-2/+67
2007-07-25Rewrote calc.c to be more flexible and clarifying, and changed the global 'di...yorhel6-229/+278
2007-07-24The 'h' key now also hides excluded itemsv1.2yorhel3-7/+10
2007-07-24* When changing sort order to size, automatically sort in descending orderyorhel4-9/+17
2007-07-24* Changed default sort order to size, descending, and don't sort dirs before ...yorhel2-3/+3
2007-07-24* Rewrote the file browser, help window, and delete windowsyorhel8-458/+655
2007-07-22SVN cleanup: removed automatically generated build files, added to...yorhel14-11125/+9
2007-07-22Small bugs fixed related to the exclude featureyorhel3-11/+13
2007-07-21Added exclude option and increased version numeryorhel17-284/+497
2007-07-20Small bugfixes + cygwin patchyorhel3-9/+41
2007-07-20Initial import (ncdu-1.1)v1.1yorhel27-0/+12901