AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-03-22Moved Perl implementation to a separate repositoryoldYorhel2-613/+0
2012-03-22proto: Documented some simple ideas on how to do securityYorhel1-0/+58
2012-03-21Sync spec.pod and proto.pod with behaviour of Perl and C imlementationYorhel2-83/+89
2012-03-15c: Moved c directory to a separate repositoryYorhel6-2433/+0
2012-03-14c: Added JSON parser + fixed some bugs in formatter + tuple handlingYorhel4-19/+444
2012-03-10perl: Use ref-counted variable to detect whether pattern is unregisteredYorhel1-4/+6
2012-03-02c: Use lbuf abstraction for JSON-formatting tuplesYorhel3-103/+97
2012-03-02c: Improved error handling for link objectsYorhel4-24/+82
2012-03-02c: Added pthread context for links + fixed a few bugsYorhel4-38/+198
2012-03-01c: Started on the link implementationYorhel2-0/+202
2012-02-28c: Added crude pthread-based "event loop" + fixed a few bugsYorhel5-4/+135
2012-02-27c: Implemented dispatcher for tuples and replies and for sessionsYorhel2-13/+122
2012-02-27c: Unregister patterns and close/free queued messages in tn_session_close()Yorhel1-11/+40
2012-02-27c: Generalize patternreg and tn_returnpath for links and sessionsYorhel1-17/+26
2012-02-27c: Started on session & returnpath abstractions + various improvementsYorhel3-37/+223
2012-02-26c: Added match implementation + make patternreg a ref-counted structYorhel3-11/+82
2012-02-25c: tuples.c -> tanja.c + added khash.h + Started on node implementationYorhel4-4/+689
2012-02-24c: Started on a C implementationYorhel4-0/+374
2012-02-23go: Removing the Go implementationYorhel8-1326/+0
2012-02-23go: Moved to go/ dir and s/server/node/gYorhel8-99/+101
2012-02-23perl&doc: s/server/node/gYorhel5-42/+42
2012-02-22perl: Allow user to specify supported serialization formatsYorhel2-13/+40
2012-02-22perl: Allow a different AnyEvent::Handle for reading and writingYorhel2-15/+27
2012-02-22perl: Updated Tanja::Link to use the new protocolYorhel2-12/+9
2012-02-22doc/proto: Changed protocol to fully symmetric + better format selectionYorhel1-43/+83
2012-02-19perl: Implemented new proto + fixed many bugs; doc: Updated proto/JSONYorhel3-52/+160
2012-02-19doc: Added definitions to spec.pod + partial rewrite of proto.podYorhel2-44/+113
2012-02-19perl: s/response/reply/g + added a link test that currently still failsYorhel2-8/+28
2012-02-19doc: tanja.pod -> spec.pod + specify that wildcars are allowed in tuplesYorhel1-32/+29
2012-02-18perl: Load AnyEvent::Handle and JSON/JSON::XS modules when neededYorhel1-10/+14
2012-02-18perl: Implemented full link supportYorhel1-9/+95
2012-02-17perl: Add JSON serialization module + send register messages on connectYorhel1-2/+43
2012-02-17perl: Started on Tanja::Link + implemented handshakingYorhel2-2/+61
2012-02-16perl: Only 'use AnyEvent;' onceYorhel1-3/+9
2012-02-16perl: Remove 'reply' argument + added return-path functionalityYorhel2-21/+60
2012-02-16perl: Use AnyEvent::postpone() to make tuple dispatch asynchronousYorhel2-7/+12
2012-02-16Started on a simple Perl implementation (using AnyEvent)Yorhel2-0/+221
2012-02-15Added README file referring to the articleYorhel1-0/+11
2012-02-15Added doc/tanja.pod + Rewrote parts of proto.go (still unfinished)Yorhel6-54/+306
2012-02-04Continued on proto.goYorhel3-29/+129
2012-02-04Fixed bug with not closing reply channel when no patterns matchedYorhel2-2/+10
2012-01-29Started on Server<->Server linking protocol + implementationYorhel4-0/+500
2012-01-29Make PatternReg a 32-bit integer + handle overflowYorhel1-3/+10
2012-01-29SessionReg -> PatternReg, let the server assign the IDsYorhel3-34/+46
2012-01-28Use boolean return to unregister from callback instead of SessionReg argYorhel2-20/+30
2012-01-28tcomm -> tanja, removed tiger code and moved tcomm/ into /Yorhel8-529/+5
2012-01-25tcomm: Incorporated sessionRegData struct into server{Recv,Pattern}Yorhel2-13/+9
2012-01-24tcomm/matching.go: Use single append() instead of for loopYorhel1-5/+1
2012-01-24tcomm: Removed SendT() and RequestT()Yorhel2-12/+4
2012-01-24Wrote a simple tiger packageYorhel4-0/+525