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2012-03-21Sync spec.pod and proto.pod with behaviour of Perl and C imlementationYorhel1-39/+80
Well, almost. Neither the Perl nor the C implementation completely follow the current spec, but their overal semantics are what I've decided on. The most important change with my previous ideas is that tuples are now dynamically typed and the removal of the boolean type. This is because it's much easier (and much more "natural") to implement dynamic typing semantics on top of a statically typed language than the other way around.
2012-02-23perl&doc: s/server/node/gYorhel1-1/+1
I find "node" to be much more descriptive for that. The Go implementation hasn't been updated yet, though...
2012-02-19doc: Added definitions to spec.pod + partial rewrite of proto.podYorhel1-0/+22
I seriously need to get the terminology right and consistent.
2012-02-19doc: tanja.pod -> spec.pod + specify that wildcars are allowed in tuplesYorhel1-0/+135