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Support cross-compilation from Linux to Windows
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@@ -29,7 +29,14 @@ For Arch Linux & MSYS2-MinGW64: `pacman -S base-devel`
- Discover that you suddenly have a working `tor-static` binary.
The generated binary is not *entirely* static because it still links against
-your system libraries. If you have
-[musl-cross]( built and installed in
-`/opt/cross`, then you can run `./` to "cross"-compile a
-fully static binary. Scripts for other arches are TBD.
+your system libc. Handy scripts are included for cross-compilation:
+- `` will build a fully static binary linked against musl
+ libc. Requirements: musl-based cross compiler in `/opt/cross`, you can get
+ these from [musl-cross]( or
+ [](
+- `` will cross-compile a Windows binary, requires a
+ mingw32 cross compiler in `/opt/cross` ([]( has
+ these).
+More targets TBD.