BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterTUWF::Request: Fix reqParams() and reqGets() with zero-but-defined inputYorhel9 days
noperlioDrop PerlIO::gzip, add resAppend() and avoid PerlIO if not necessaryYorhel3 months
yawfAdded log_show_pages option, to log pages slower than a specified thresholdYorhel8 years
v1.2commit 331ceb1fe4...Yorhel2 months
v1.1commit 86534ca48e...Yorhel5 months
v1.0commit 9d0c991c8f...Yorhel3 years
v0.2commit a943deb4b8...Yorhel6 years
v0.1commit a745ec407b...Yorhel7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 daysTUWF::Request: Fix reqParams() and reqGets() with zero-but-defined inputHEADmasterYorhel1-4/+4
12 daysIntegrate TUWF::Validate with the rest of TUWFYorhel6-17/+168
13 daysAdd experimental TUWF::Validate moduleYorhel3-9/+612
2018-02-18Year + Version bump for 1.2v1.2Yorhel16-16/+41
2018-02-18Actually refer to TUWF::Intro from somewhereYorhel2-1/+5
2018-02-17Add a TUWF::IntoYorhel1-0/+304
2018-02-09TUWF::XML: Small performance improvement of xml_escape()Yorhel2-8/+6
2018-02-09resJSON: Fix double UTF-8 encodingYorhel1-2/+1
2018-02-05Add tuwf->done and tuwf->pass, change error & before hook handlingYorhel4-76/+167
2018-02-02Actually honor the import_modules settingYorhel1-3/+3