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:TITLE:Adding/Editing a Visual Novel
:SUB:When to add a visual novel
- <i>TODO</i>
+ A visual novel should be added if the visual novel and/or adventure (VN/ADV)
+ parts play an important part of the game (more than one-third), or the VN/ADV
+ parts have great consequences on the outcome of the game.<br />
+ If a game is an official fandisk or sidedisk, it should also be added for
+ completeness.
:SUB:General info
- The title of the visual novel as it is known to the English speaking audience. If
- there is no English version of the game available, you should either specify the
- romanized (recommended) or translated (not recommended) version of the original
- title.
+ The title should be based upon the title of the original release.<br />
+ If the title uses the Latin alphabet, use our <a href="/d5.2">capitalisation guidelines</a>.<br />
+ Otherwise, <a href="/d5.1">romanise</a> according to our guidelines.
Visual novels can be known under several names, use this field to add any aliases
and acronyms used around the net. Official titles of releases should not be added
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<a href="">Hepburn romanization</a>
for all fields. This is also consistent with
<a href="">AniDBs romanization</a>.
+ <br />
+ For English (or other foreign) words in a non-roman script, the original word
+ should be used as long as it is the intended effect. If those words are in a
+ non-roman script, a suitable romanisation technique should be used.