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:SUB:When to add a visual novel
- A visual novel should be added if the visual novel and/or adventure (VN/ADV)
- parts play an important part of the game (more than one-third), or the VN/ADV
- parts have great consequences on the outcome of the game.<br />
- If a game is an official fandisk or sidedisk, it should also be added for
- completeness.
+ To be included in this database, a game needs to use the novel narrative
+ consistently for telling its story. Examples include describing <a
+ href="">visuals</a>, <a
+ href="">events</a>, <a
+ href="">character actions</a> or <a
+ href="">thoughts</a>. This storytelling needs to
+ be employing one of the known Visual Novel presentation methods such as <a
+ href="">ADV</a>, <a
+ href="">NVL</a> and their <a
+ href="">variations</a>.<br />
+ <br />
+ A game that 'feels' like a VN even though it has another function than strickly
+ narrating a story (such as, highly interactive simulation) may qualify if it's
+ either told entirely in ADV/NVL style or has its other gameplay elements
+ clearly subordinated to the textual elements (presented in ADV/NVL style) (ie.
+ action scenes in 3D games cannot be argued to be subordinated to their textual
+ elements as the visuals are clearly the 'point' of the game; The completely
+ optional low-graphic 'dungeons' in Princess Maker games would be).
:SUB:General info