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Removed encryption key for cookies from SVN, and added some documentation (written by apple)
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- ...own interpretation for now... (Should be documented at some time, too)
+ <dt>Action</dt><dd>
+ The story has fast paced action scenes, plenty of explosions or gun battles.
+ Or plenty of running.
+ </dd><dt>Comedy</dt><dd>
+ The story is light-hearted and makes you laugh, either by the un-seriousness
+ or by character design.
+ </dd><dt>Drama</dt><dd>
+ The story takes a very serious path, often involving real-life scenarios
+ in which you could relate to.
+ A slice-of-life, with it's ups and downs.
+ </dd><dt>Fantasy</dt><dd>
+ Is it actually possible? Plenty of <i>Mahou shojo</i> and transformations,
+ parallel universes and witches abound!
+ </dd><dt>Horror</dt><dd>
+ Plenty of blood and guts laying around. The guy with the knife looks
+ suspicious.
+ </dd><dt>Mystery</dt><dd>
+ Suspense, tension and a little bit of morning dew makes a mystery game.
+ Something has happened, so find out! or hide under a rock.
+ </dd><dt>Romance</dt><dd>
+ Get intimate with another character, and maybe have some fun?
+ </dd><dt>SciFi</dt><dd>
+ Science Fiction. Using intelligence and building something not available
+ today but certainly possible in real-life.
+ </dd><dt>Shoujo Ai</dt><dd>
+ Romance between two (or more) female characters.
+ </dd><dt>Shounen Ai</dt><dd>
+ Romance between two (or more) male characters. Love has no boundaries.
+ </dd>
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Wikipedia</a>) for titles and names before being entered in the database.
+:SUB:Name order
+ In most English speaking countries, names are given in a "given name, family name"
+ order. This is called "Western Order". In English, you call someone using their
+ given name if you know them well, otherwise use their title and family name.
+ In Japanese (and some other languages too), names are given in "family name, given name"
+ order. We call this "Japanese Order". In Japanese you can call someone using either
+ name with an appropriate suffix. To aid English speakers familiar, some resources
+ (e.g. wikipedia) switch round Japanese names. Here on, we prefer to use the
+ order that the original game used. That is, if it was originally a Japanese game with
+ Japanese character names, use Japanese order. If the game is originally English, or
+ a character has a completely foreign name (Mary Smith), use Western order.
:SUB:...and more!
@@ -37,6 +50,5 @@ Misc documentation:<br />
- Quoting sources in descriptions<br />
- Piracy<br />
- Spoilers<br />
-- Name order<br />
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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ $VERSION = $VNDB::VERSION;
{ # local data for these 2 methods only
my $crl = Crypt::Lite->new(debug => 0);
- my $scrt = md5_hex("73jkS39Sal2)"); # just a random string, as long as it doesn't change
+ my $scrt = md5_hex($VNDB::COOKEY);
sub AuthCheckCookie {
my $self = shift;
diff --git a/lib/ b/lib/
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--- a/lib/
+++ b/lib/
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ our @DBLOGIN = ( 'dbi:Pg:dbname=vndb', 'vndb', 'passwd' );
our @SHMOPTS = ( -key => 'VNDB', -create => 'yes', -destroy => 'no', -mode => 0666);
our $DEBUG = 1;
our $VERSION = '1.17';
+our $COOKEY = '73jkS39Sal2)'; # encryption key for cookies (not to worry, this one is fake)
our $MULTI = [
RG => {},