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Preperations for 1.161.16
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or to discuss about the database at our <a href="">forums</a>.
-<h3 class="home">VNDB 1.15!</h3>
+<h3 class="home">VNDB 1.16!</h3>
<p class="desc">
- This update finally implements a new feature I've been wanting to see for a
- while now: anime relations! Other than that, it also includes the usual bug
- fixes and some other improvements.
+ Free updates for everyone! VNDB 1.16 adds an advanced database search, language and platform icons
+ to the visual novel and producer browser, a small cleanup for visual novel pages, and release dates
+ of the current month or year will now be considered as not yet released.
<br />
- <a href="">Read more...</a> - <a href="">news archive</a>.
+ <a href="">Read more...</a> - <a href="">news archive</a>.
<ul class="home">
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ TODO:
+ Use AniDB's daily title dump and implement a search feature to add
anime relations without having to visit AniDB.
-1.16 - ?
+1.16 - 2008-05-22
- Release dates in the current year or month without a specified day will
be considered as not yet released
- Added platform and language icons to the VN browser