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-<div class="warning">
- The category system has been replaced with a new tagging system. This page
- is still available for reference, but will be removed in a later site update.
- The contents of the story and the general feeling the characters give.
- <dt>Action</dt><dd>
- The story has fast paced scenes and plenty of explosions or gun battles.
- Or lots of running...
- </dd><dt>Comedy</dt><dd>
- The story is light-hearted and makes you laugh, either by the un-seriousness
- or by character design.
- </dd><dt>Drama</dt><dd>
- The story takes a very serious path, often involving real-life scenarios
- in which you could relate to.
- A slice-of-life, with it's ups and downs.
- </dd><dt>Fantasy</dt><dd>
- Is it actually possible? Plenty of <i>Mahou Shoujo</i> and transformations,
- parallel universes and witches abound! Maybe pigs fly...
- </dd><dt>Horror</dt><dd>
- Plenty of blood and guts laying around. The guy with the knife looks
- suspicious.
- </dd><dt>Mystery</dt><dd>
- Suspense, tension and a little bit of morning dew makes a mystery game.
- Something has happened, so work it out! Alternatively, hide under a rock.
- </dd><dt>Romance</dt><dd>
- Pull some heart-strings, get intimate with another character, and have some fun!
- <br />
- <b>Note</b>: Romance does not imply that sexual intercourse takes place. Likewise,
- Sexual Content does not imply romantic intercourse takes place (for instance,
- rape).
- </dd><dt>School Life</dt><dd>
- Obviously, a school is needed.
- It seems like a chore to us, but the characters like learning.
- Maybe it's the people they meet? Or the lunch they share...
- </dd><dt>SciFi</dt><dd>
- Science Fiction. Using intelligence and building something not available
- today but certainly possible in real-life.
- Lasers are ficticious...
- </dd><dt>Shoujo Ai</dt><dd>
- Romance between two (or more) female characters.
- </dd><dt>Shounen Ai</dt><dd>
- Romance between two (or more) male characters. Love has no boundaries.
- </dd>
- This category is used to describe the gameplay or game engine.
- <dt>NVL</dt><dd>
- Also known as Visual Novel or Novel Style.
- All games where the text is overlaid on the background and there is no special
- dialog-box fall under this category.
- </dd><dt>ADV</dt><dd>
- The text is presented in a special window, usually at the bottom of the screen.
- Also known as Adventure or AVG.
- In some (rare) cases a game will switch between both styles, for these games both
- the <i>NVL</i> and <i>ADV</i> categories should be selected.
- </dd><dt>Action</dt><dd>
- This category indicates that the game includes a gameplay that challenges the
- player's speed, dexterity and reaction time. Common examples are fighting games,
- puzzles that should be solved within a short time limit, and shooter games.
- </dd><dt>RPG</dt><dd>
- Abbreviation for Role Playing Game. An RPG is a game in which you assume the
- role of a character introduced to a vast world to be explored. Games typically
- place emphasis on gaining equipment and experience points through fighting enemies
- in order to advance through different levels.
- </dd><dt>Strategy</dt><dd>
- A strategy game is one that challenges the player to think critically in order
- to achieve victory.
- </dd><dt>Simulation</dt><dd>
- A simulation game attempts to recreate aspects of reality and puts the player in
- control.
- </dd>
- Indicates the plot type of a game. There are only two options: <i>Branching</i> and
- <i>Linear</i>.
- <dt>Linear</dt><dd>
- A game with a linear plot has a static story; it is not possible to get different paths
- or endings. Many games in this category do not prompt the player with choices and simply
- tell the story as it is. This is, however, not a rule: it is also possible for a game
- to provide choices, but they have no influence on the story itself. (e.g.
- <a href="/v3">Utawarerumono</a>)
- </dd><dt>Branching</dt><dd>
- A game with a branching plot has a story whose path is directly affected by choices
- made by the player during the game. These different paths are sometimes referred to
- as "arcs" when they pertain to the stories of different female characters within a game.
- </dd>
- Indicates the time period in which the story has been set.
- <dt>Future</dt><dd>
- The game is set in a time beyond that of our own. Games may incorperate elements of
- future technologies or events yet-to-come.
- </dd><dt>Present</dt><dd>
- The game is set in the current day.
- </dd><dt>Past</dt><dd>
- The game is set in a time before our own. Games may or may not adhere to historic fact.
- </dd>
- Indicates the place in which the story is told.
- <dt>Earth</dt><dd>
- The game takes place on our own planet.
- Most continents, countries and cities featured are portrayed as they are
- or have been on Earth.
- Stories set in ficticious cities based on real cities in recognised countries
- take place on Earth.
- </dd><dt>Fantasy World</dt><dd>
- The game takes place on another world. The game's environment could be similar
- to that of our own with a few significant changes, but it could also be
- radically different.
- </dd><dt>Space</dt><dd>
- The game takes place in the vacuum of space between celestial bodies. For example,
- this category can be used to define games where the characters may inhabit
- spaceships that journey across the universe.
- </dd>
- Indicates some information about the character the player takes control of.
- A combination of male and female protagonists is possible, e.g. multiple
- protagonists.
- In cases of sex change or transsexuality, use both.
- <dt>Male</dt><dd>
- The protagonist is male.
- </dd><dt>Female</dt><dd>
- The protagonist is female.
- </dd>
-:SUB:Sexual content
- Indicates the types of sexual content that the game contains.
- <dt>Sexual content</dt><dd>
- This is a generic category to indicate the presence of any sexual content in the
- game. If there is any such content, this category should be selected.
- </dd><dt>Bestiality</dt><dd>
- Sexual activity between characters and animals.<br />
- Also includes tentacles.
- </dd><dt>Incest</dt><dd>
- Sexual activity between members of the same family. Most of the time under the
- justification of participants not blood related (step-sister etc.).
- </dd><dt>Lolicon</dt><dd>
- The usage of female characters with childlike features in sexual situations.
- </dd><dt>Shotacon</dt><dd>
- The usage of male characters with childlike features in sexual situations.
- </dd><dt>Yaoi</dt><dd>
- Sexual content depicting activity between males.
- This does not imply Shounen Ai.
- <br />
- Also known as: Boys' Love.
- </dd><dt>Yuri</dt><dd>
- Sexual content depicting activity between females.
- This does not imply Shoujo Ai (for example, threesomes).
- </dd><dt>Rape</dt><dd>
- Situation in which a character is made to engage in sexual activities against
- their will.
- </dd>
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<ul class="index">
<li><a href="/d5">Editing guidelines</a></li>
- <li><a href="/d1">Categories</a></li>
<li><a href="/d2">Visual Novels</a></li>
<li><a href="/d3">Releases</a></li>
<li><a href="/d4">Producers</a></li>