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Reorganize JS and Elm instantiation + more efficient ulist loading
The order in which .js files are concatenated is (and always has been) important, so rather than relying on name order I've changed that to an explicit $JS_FILES list in the Makefile. Less convenient, but at least we have more freedom regarding .js file naming and organization now. Rather than encoding the Elm flags as JSON in 'data-' attributes, I've added a system for global page variables (pagevars) where the Elm flags are now stored separately from their HTML tags. This has the advantage of more efficient encoding (no more &quot;s), faster parsing (just a single JSON.parse()), and easier/more efficient modification of the Elm arguments from JS. The pagevars provide a unified way of passing other variables to JS as well, which I've used to deduplicate the list of labels on the new ulist page. That shaves off a good 40 KiB on the page size for a typical listing. Whether all of this actually improves the page loading time, I don't really know. Most of the slowness in Firefox seems to come from simply instantiating many <input time="date"> objects.
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diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
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--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -116,7 +116,17 @@ static/f/vndb.min.js: static/f/vndb.js
# v2-rw
-JS_FILES=elm/*.js elm/*/*.js
+# Order matters!
+ elm/polyfills.js \
+ elm/pagevars.js \
+ elm/ULists/ManageLabels.js \
+ elm/ULists/LabelEdit.js \
+ elm/Lib/Ffi.js \
+ elm/elm-init.js \
+ elm/checkall.js \
+ elm/checkhidden.js
ELM_FILES=elm/*.elm elm/*/*.elm
ELM_MODULES=$(shell grep -l '^main =' ${ELM_FILES} | sed 's/^elm\///')