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committerYorhel <>2010-11-14 12:45:04 +0100
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Makefile: Replaced .PHONY directive with $(phony ..) targets
This is somewhat eaiser to read and maintain
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diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index 961872b4..93dbff61 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
# all (default)
-# Same as $ make dirs js skins www robots
+# Same as `make dirs js skins robots`
# dirs
# Creates the required directories not present in git
@@ -37,12 +37,15 @@
# environments. Patches to improve the portability are always welcome.
-.PHONY: all dirs js skins robots chmod chmod-tladmin multi-start multi-stop multi-restart sql-import update-2.10 update-2.11 update-2.12 update-2.13 update-2.14
+$(phony all): dirs js skins robots data/
-all: dirs js skins robots data/
+$(phony dirs): static/cv static/sf static/st data/log www www/feeds
+$(phony js): static/f/script.js
-dirs: static/cv static/sf static/st data/log www www/feeds
+$(phony skins): static/s/*/style.css
+$(phony robots): dirs www/robots.txt static/robots.txt
static/cv static/sf static/st:
mkdir $@;
@@ -51,32 +54,22 @@ static/cv static/sf static/st:
data/log www www/feeds:
mkdir $@
-js: static/f/script.js
static/f/script.js: data/script.js data/lang.txt util/ data/
-skins: static/s/*/style.css
static/s/%/style.css: static/s/%/conf util/ data/style.css
util/ $*
-robots: dirs www/robots.txt static/robots.txt
echo 'User-agent: *' > $@
echo 'Disallow: /' >> $@
-chmod: all
+$(phony chmod): all
chmod a-x+rw static/f/script.js
chmod -R a-x+rwX static/{cv,sf,st}
chmod a-x+rw static/s/*/{style.css,boxbg.png}
+$(phony chmod-tladmin):
chmod a-x+rwX data/lang.txt data/docs data/docs/*\.*
@@ -95,13 +88,13 @@ define multi-start
+$(phony multi-stop):
+$(phony multi-start):
+$(phony multi-restart):
@@ -127,32 +120,32 @@ define runpsql
+$(phony sql-import):
${runpsql} < util/sql/all.sql
-update-2.10: all
+$(phony update-2.10): all
${runpsql} < util/updates/update_2.10.sql
-update-2.11: all
+$(phony update-2.11): all
${runpsql} < util/updates/update_2.11.sql
-update-2.12: all
+$(phony update-2.12): all
rm www/sitemap.xml.gz
${runpsql} < util/updates/update_2.12.sql
-update-2.13: all
+$(phony update-2.13): all
${runpsql} < util/updates/update_2.13.sql
-update-2.14: all
+$(phony update-2.14): all
${runpsql} < util/updates/update_2.14.sql