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v2rw: Convert doc pages + add framework for item fetching & display & revisions
This bumps the minimum Perl version to 5.26 in order to make use of lexical subroutines - a feature I've been wanting for a while. This should be the last version bump, 5.26 is the highest version in Ubuntu LTS at the moment. Not that I use Ubuntu, but it's used by the Docker container and it's a sensible reference. I merged the 'maintabs' and 'hiddenmsg' features into the primary framework_ function; It fits quite well there, removes a little bit of boilerplate from the DB entry page code and reduces the reliance on common "dbSomethingGet()" methods. I was hoping I'd be able to reduce the boilerplate required for defining revisions, but I don't think that's going to happen. What I did do was reimplement the diffing to handle item and text diffs separately, with sensible defaults for the old split/join/diff options. Diffing is now performed on the raw structured data rather than on formatted HTML, which, combined with the db_entry() functions, ought to be less brittle.
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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Global requirements:
- Linux, or an OS that resembles Linux. Chances are VNDB won't run on Windows.
- PostgreSQL 10 (older versions may work)
-- Perl 5.24+
+- Perl 5.26+
- Elm 0.19
**Perl modules** (core modules are not listed):