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Support zopfli/zopflipng for all static asset generators
Compresses a little better. I reduced the number of iterations required to find the optimal image size in, but generating the icons.png is *incredibly slow* when combining zopflipng with the 'slow' option. It's possible to parallelize the calculation and use multiple cores to speed it up, but that seems overkill. Some icons.png compression stats: METHOD SIZE RUNTIME default 18103 <1sec slow 17941 few secs pngcrush 15385 <1sec pngcrush+slow 15148 few mins zopflipng 14986 few secs zopflipng+slow 14898 ~1 hour
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@@ -40,6 +40,11 @@ package VNDB;
#$JSGEN{compress} = 'JavaScript::Minifier::XS';
#$JSGEN{compress} = "|/usr/bin/uglifyjs --compress --mangle";
-# Uncomment to generate an extra small icons.png (note: setting both pngcrush and slow options really is slow)
-#$SPRITEGEN{pngcrush} = '/usr/bin/pngcrush';
+# Uncomment to create pre-compressed css and js files using zopfli
+#$JSGEN{gzip} = $SKINGEN{gzip} = "/usr/bin/zopfli";
+# Uncomment to generate an extra small icons.png
+# (note: using zopflipng or pngcrush with the slow option is *really* slow, but compresses awesomely)
+#$SPRITEGEN{crush} = '/usr/bin/pngcrush -q';
+#$SPRITEGEN{crush} = '/usr/bin/zopflipng -m --lossy_transparent';
#$SPRITEGEN{slow} = 1;