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Removed support for sha256-hashed passwords
They had to be deleted from the database at some point, otherwise we still have thousands of easily-cracked password hashes in the database. Note that I could have opted to use scrypt on top of the sha256 hashes so the passwords would remain secure without needing to reset everything, but doing that after one year of switching to scrypt is likely not worth it. Everyone who still actively uses his account has already been converted to scrypt, everyone else should just reset their password whevener they decide to come back.
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@@ -17,9 +17,8 @@ package VNDB;
url => '',
url_static => '',
- global_salt => '<some long unique string>',
- form_salt => '<another unique string>',
- scrypt_salt => '<yet another unique string>',
+ form_salt => '<some unique string>',
+ scrypt_salt => '<another unique string>',