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parent6f424c8a6765c00c5df7b359ab4c8d409c758738 (diff) Add pngcrush/slow options + force png32 + atomic replace
A recent version of imagemagick creates 16 bit depth PNG images by default for some reason. This results in an unnecessarily large file size increase and pngcrush doesn't do much to counter it (and its -bit_depth option has been deprecated, too). The atomic replace is quite handy to avoid people seeing any wierd intermediate images while the slow+pngcrush options are being used.
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@@ -40,3 +40,7 @@ package VNDB;
# Uncomment the compression method to use for the generated Javascript (or just leave as-is to disable compression)
#$JSGEN{compress} = 'JavaScript::Minifier::XS';
#$JSGEN{compress} = "|/usr/bin/uglifyjs --compress --mangle";
+# Uncomment to generate an extra small icons.png (note: setting both pngcrush and slow options really is slow)
+#$SPRITEGEN{pngcrush} = '/usr/bin/pngcrush';
+#$SPRITEGEN{slow} = 1;