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+:TITLE:Special Games
+ This page lists a few games that are commonly discussed for inclusion in the
+ database and the reasoning for their inclusion or exclusion. Check <a
+ href="/d2.1">d2.1</a> for the general inclusion guidelines.
+:SUB:Deleted Games
+ The following is a list of games that have been (proposed to be) included in
+ the database, but that were removed or rejected. These games are <b>not</b>
+ visual novels and will <b>not</b> be reinstated.
+ <li><b>The Disgaea series (except for Infinite)</b><br />
+ <i>They are TRPGs with no narration or uninterrupted VN segments.</i></li>
+ <li><b>Persona 3/4</b><br />
+ <i>They are JRPGs and have no narration or VN segments.</i></li>
+ <li><b>Ghost Trick</b><br />
+ <i>A Puzzle/Adventure game with no narration.</i></li>
+ <li><b>Princess Maker 1/2/3</b><br />
+ <i>Pure raising sims with no narration or VN segments.</i></li>
+ <li><b>Battle Moon Wars</b><br />
+ <i>Super Robot Wars style TRPG with no narration.</i></li>
+ <li><b>The Shin Megami Tensei series</b><br />
+ <i>RPGs/TRPGs with no narration.</i></li>
+ <li><b>The Touho games</b><br />
+ <i>Bullet hell shooters with only token character interactions.</i></li>
+ <li><b>Record of Agarest War / Agarest Senki</b><br />
+ <i>No narration and very low story/gameplay ratio.</i></li>
+ <li><b>To The Moon</b><br />
+ <i>An adventure game with no narration.</i></li>
+:SUB:Borderline Games
+ The following is a lists of few games that <b>are</b> included in the database, but
+ are very much borderline cases. When arguing for another game to be included,
+ do <b>not, ever,</b> refer to these games as examples.
+ <li><b>The Ar Tonélico series</b><br />
+ <i>The series is in the database because of the Cosmosphere sections, which are long, uninterrupted VN segments. The rest of the game might be a relatively typical JRPG, but it doesn't matter in this case.</i></li>
+ <li><b>The Phoenix Wright series</b><br />
+ <i>The games are only considered VNs in the broadest sense, and thus they should not be cited as examples for inclusion. They are considered one of the few "mod approved" games that stay in the DB mostly because of reasons not necessarily related to the guidelines (in this case that removing them would cause more problems than keeping them).</i></li>
+ <li><b>The Melty Blood series</b><br />
+ <i>The only reason the series is in the DB is becasue the first game has narration and proper VN segments, and while the rest are straight up fighting games, they are only considered different releases of said game.</i></li>
+ <li><b>The BlazBlue series</b><br />
+ <i>The game has narration in the ADV VN segments between battles and these segments are extensive enough to qualify it, if only barely. </i></li>
+ <li><b>The Rance series and other turn-based Alice Soft titles</b><br />
+ <i>VN hybrids, Sengoku Rance in particular has a lot of narration, and while there is a lot of gameplay in them, they still qualify.</i></li>
+ <li><b>Castle Fantasia 2</b><br />
+ <i>No consistent narration, but otherwise the game fulfills all other VN requirements, so it is kept as-is.</i></li>
+ <li><b>The Corpse Party series (except for the original and Rebuilded)</b><br />
+ <i>The games have narration and event CGs, which qualify it over the lack of ADV/NVL presentation.</i></li>
+ <li><b>The School Days series (Shiny Days, Summer Days, etc.)</b><br />
+ <i>While it would be arguable that the games are more "interactive anime" instead of VNs, they have rudimentary narration and other VN elements to qualify, albeit barely. They are the second most borderline "mod approved" keepers beside the Phoenix Wright series.</i></li>
+ <li><b>999 / Kyokugen Dasshutsu 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no Tobira / 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors</b><br />
+ <i>A pure VN with puzzles. I don't even know why people like to bring it up as an example, but it is a proper VN with narration and every other necessary aspect.</i></li>
+ <li><b>The Lightning Warrior Raidy series</b><br />
+ <i>The games are mostly dungeon crawlers, but they have enough narrated ADV segments to warrant their presence in the DB, albeit barely.</i></li>
+ <li><b>Kamidori and other Eushully games</b><br />
+ <i>These games have very extensive TRPG gameplay and crafting systems, but they also have equally extensive, uninterrupted and narrated VN segments throughout the games.</i></li>