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:TITLE:Discussion board
- <i>todo...</i>
+ VNDB has a nicely integrated discussion board which can be used for, well,
+ discussions. As we're not using any popular and freely available forum software
+ and have instead written something by ourselves, this discussion board has a
+ few slight differences with the popular boards you're used to.
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The [spoiler]-tag should be used to hide information that could spoil the enjoyment of playing the
visual novel for people who haven't done so yet.
+ </dd><dt>[quote]</dt><dd>
+ When quoting other people, put the quoted message inside a [quote] .. [/quote] block. Please
+ note that the popular [quote=source]-syntax doesn't work on VNDB. (yet)
+ </dd><dt>[raw]</dt><dd>
+ Show off your formatting code skills by putting anything you don't want to have formatted in a [raw]
+ tag. Any of the formatting codes mentioned above are ignored within a [raw] .. [/raw] block.