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+<div class="warning">
+ The category system has been replaced with a new tagging system. This page
+ is still available for reference, but will be removed in a later site update.
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+:TITLE:Tagging system
+:SUB:Tag voting
+ While everyone is pretty much free to link any tag to any visual novel, please keep the following
+ in mind while voting:
+ <li>Read the description of each tag before you link it to a VN, some tags may not always mean what
+ you think they do.</li>
+ <li>Try to be as specific as you can. For example, if a game has drama elements, rather than voting
+ on the "Drama" tag, try to look for a more specific child tag that describes what kind of drama a
+ player can expect.</li>
+ <li>A rating between -3 and 3 can be given to a tag. A negative rating indicates that you disagree
+ with a tag, with -1 being "I wouldn't say this tag really applies" and -3 meaning you fully disagree
+ and the tag really doesn't apply at all. A positive rating works the opposite way, and indicates
+ that you do agree with it.</li>
+ <li>Some tags can act as spoilers for the plot of a VN, this can be indicated by voting on the spoiler
+ status. It is highly recommended to not leave this as "Neutral", and really try to give an indication
+ of whether the tag is not a spoiler at all or does spoil a bit.</li>
+:SUB:Tag guidelines
+ New tags can be requested by everyone, but they'll have to be accepted by a moderator before
+ the tags will be browsable. The following rules apply:
+ <li>Tag names should be self-describing. While the meaning of a tag can be obvious if you look
+ at its place within the tag tree, when displayed on a VN page only their name is visible and
+ not the parent tags. The name should thus fully describe what the tag means and should be used
+ for. For example: a tag to describe a male protagonist should be fully named "Male protagonist",
+ even if its parent tag is "Characters &gt; Protagonist".</li>
+ <li>Tags should be used to describe objective information about a VN. Subjective tags like
+ "Awesome protagonist", which would have a different meaning for each individual, are not allowed.</li>
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- It is possible to select relevant categories for visual novels, where the relevance
- can be ranked using a number from 0 to 3, where 0 indicates the category does not
- apply at all, and 3 means that the category is very dominant in the game.<br />
- See <a href="/d1">Categories</a> for descriptions about each category.<br />
- Just as with the <i>Length</i> field, this information is very subjective. Just
- use the category descriptions and common sense to determine which categories to
- select and what relevance to apply.
+ The category system has been replaced with tags. This section is a placeholder to preserve
+ numbering.
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</dd><dt>Original name</dt><dd>
If the Name (above) has been romanised, make sure to mention the original (most likely
the Japanese) name here.
+ </dd><dt>Aliases</dt><dd>
+ Other names the producer is known as. Multiple aliases should be separated by a comma.
</dd><dt>Primary language</dt><dd>
The language the the producer works in most of the time. By default, it is Japanese.
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VNDB has a nicely integrated discussion board which can be used for, well,
- discussions. As we're not using any popular and freely available forum software
+ discussions. As we're not using any popular or freely available forum software
and have instead written something by ourselves, this discussion board has a
few slight differences with the popular boards you're used to.
- To make sure interested people can find your post, all threads have 'tags'
- that define what the discussion is about. It's possible to add more than
- one tag to a thread. The following tags can be used:
+ To make sure interested people can find your post, all threads have relations
+ to one or more 'boards' that define what the discussion is about. This is similar
+ to boards on other forums, but here every item in the DB has its own board, and
+ it's possible to link a thread to more than one board. The following boards can be used:
- VNDB Discussions. This is a general tag for threads not about any specific
+ VNDB Discussions. This is a general board for threads not about any specific
entry in the database.
- For discussions about a particular visual novel. The tag <i>v17</i>, for example,
+ For discussions about a particular visual novel. The board <i>v17</i>, for example,
is used for all threads related to <a href="/v17">v17</a>.
Same as <i>v#</i>, but for producers.
- The <i>u#</i> tag can be used to notify a user on this site about something
+ The <i>u#</i> board can be used to notify a user on this site about something
he/she must see or to discuss about an edit he/she has made. This is similar
to the 'private message' feature of most sites, except it's not 'private'...
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<li><a href="/d2">Visual Novels</a></li>
<li><a href="/d3">Releases</a></li>
<li><a href="/d4">Producers</a></li>
+ <li><a href="/d10">Tags</a></li>
<li><b>About VNDB</b></li>
<li><a href="/d9">Discussion board</a></li>
<li><a href="/d6">FAQ</a></li>