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docs: Various minor additions and fixes
- "Can you recommend me a Visual Novel?" to the FAQ - Rephrased some notes about piracy - Edit summary is a required field
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Catalog number as assigned by the producer. Often used to identify releases on
webshops, and can usually be found somewhere on the packaging of the product.
</dd><dt>Official website</dt><dd>
- URL of the official homepage for this product.
+ URL of the official homepage for this product. Note that, even though VNDB does
+ not support piracy, it is allowed to link to a homepage or forum that does in the
+ case it is the only <b>official</b> source of information for this release.
</dd><dt>Release date</dt><dd>
For commercial games, the sale date.
For all others, the date on which the release was first available.
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:SUB:Edit Summaries
- Every edit to any page has an optional "Edit summary" box, this allows you to
+ Every edit to any page has a required "Edit summary" box, this allows you to
explain yourself on what your edit is about without cluttering the main page.
You can say why you've modified the description, changed a link, or show where
you obtained some information (so that other contributors can verify it).
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:SUB:Where can I download the Visual Novels?
- Not here. We do not provide downloads nor links to resources that encourage
- the illegal spreading of visual novels.
+ Not here. We do not provide any links to direct downloads, torrents or
+ other means of downloading games. We do, however, link to the official
+ homepages of the producers, who may provide free trials or even full
+ game downloads.
+:SUB:Can you recommend me a Visual Novel?
+ Asking for recommendations on the discussion board or on IRC is usually not a
+ good idea, for various reasons. If you're looking for VNs that most people
+ have played, check out the <a href="/v/all?s=pop;o=d">popularity rankings</a>.
+ If you're interested in VNs that are generally considered "good" or "awesome",
+ check out the <a href="/v/all?s=rating;o=d">ratings</a>. If you're interested
+ in a more personal answer, you can compare the vote lists of our
+ <a href="/u/all">users</a> with your own and decide what to read next based
+ on that.