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Uploaded some design/implementation notes I had lying around
Used to be private, with the sole purpose of getting a good overview of things for myself, but I guess these may also be useful to others.
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+Atom Feeds
+Last modified: 2010-11-13
+Status: Implemented
+New module: Multi::Feed
+Automatically generates and updates the following feeds:
+ www/feeds/
+ announcements.atom
+ Updated?: LISTEN 'newpost'; post.num = 1 and board = 'an'
+ (what about an edit of the annoucement title/content?)
+ changes.atom
+ Updated?: LISTEN 'changes'
+ posts.atom
+ Updated?: LISTEN 'newpost'
+ (what about edits of posts? title/contents can change...)
+ released.atom (not implemented)
+ Updated?: daily + LISTEN 'changes'; c.type = 'r'
+ (more restrictions can be added if the generation time of this feed is long)
+All feeds are updated once every 15 minutes; this is easier and less
+error-prone than the above notify solutions that differ for each feed.
+Assuming all feeds can be generated in one second, this takes
+(1/(15*60))*100 = ~0.1% of server CPU time on average.