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Added some guidelines and docs for the screenshot feature
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+Each visual novel entry can have at most 10 screenshots. Screenshots can be uploaded in JPEG
+and PNG format, and should always follow these guidelines:
+ <li>All images must be in the highest native resolution of the VN. The native resolution
+ is the resolution for which the bitmap images are made, this is 640x480 or 800x600 for most
+ entries. Any upscaling or downscaling, whether done by the game engine itself or by manually
+ using an image editor, is <b>not</b> allowed!</li>
+ <li>All images have to be screenshots of the <b>game itself</b>, this means that any window
+ borders will have to be removed before uploading. We are neither interested in your heavily
+ modified window borders nor in your awesome AGTH setup.</li>
+ <li>At least half of the images should be actual screenshots of the game. That is, they should
+ include character sprites or some form of dialog or user interface. Plain event CG images
+ without any text or interfaces are allowed to demonstrate the drawing style, but should
+ not dominate over the other screenshots.</li>
+ <li>Uploading screenshots with erotic content is allowed, as long as the ratio of erotic/non-erotic
+ screenshots is somewhat in line with the actual erotic/non-erotic ratio of the VN itself. For example,
+ if a 10 hour VN has only 2 H-scenes of 10 minutes, it wouldn't be appropriate to upload more than 2 or 3
+ erotic images. On the other hand, if a VN is mostly about sex, it wouldn't make sense to upload only one
+ erotic screenshot. It is advised - even for the sex-only games - to have at least one non-erotic screenshot.</li>
+ <li>Keep the spoilers to a minimum. It's impossible to upload screenshots that are completely devoid
+ of spoilers, but it is possible to keep this to a minimum. I.e. screenshots early in the beginning of
+ the VN are prefered, and shots later in the game are fine as long as they don't reveal any major information
+ about the plot.</li>
+ <li>Images that are NSFW should be flagged as such, see the <a href="#4">image</a> guidelines above.</li>
+ <li>Screenshots have to be unmarked: they shouldn't contain any copyright information, website URL,
+ or other text that's not present in the original screenshot.</li>
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{ type => 'sub', title => 'Screenshots', short => 'scr' },
{ type => 'hidden', short => 'screenshots' },
- { type => 'static', raw => 1, text => '<div id="scrfrm" class="'.$p{st}.'">...make sure to enable Javascript...</div>' },
+ { type => 'static', raw => 1, text => qq|
+ <span class="warning">
+ <b style="float: none; display: inline; font-weight: bold">Please keep the following in mind when uploading screenshots:</b><br />
+ * Screenshots have to be in the native resolution of the game,<br />
+ * Remove any window borders and make sure the image is unmarked,<br />
+ * Don't only upload event CGs.<br />
+ Please read the <a href="/d2#6">guidelines</a> for more information.
+ </span><br />
+ <div id="scrfrm" class="$p{st}">...make sure to enable Javascript...</div>
+ |},
{ type => 'sub', title => 'Edit summary', short => 'com' },
{ type => 'textarea', name => 'Edit summary', short => 'comm', rows => 3, cols => 60 },