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- <i>TODO...</i>
+ It all started right after <a href="/u2">yorhel</a> finished reading
+ <a href="/v17">Ever17</a>. Highly impressed by the masterpiece, several
+ questions came to his mind: After learning about visual novels, why did it
+ still take several months to find this game? Why hasn't he ever heard about it before?
+ How can a visual novel of that quality go by unnoticed in almost all online
+ anime and gaming communities? And more importantly: Are there more visual
+ novels like that out there?<br />
+ <br />
+ VNDB was born to answer that last question. The complete lack of any central
+ resource for, or even a simple list of visual novels made it very hard to
+ find new games or get a good overview of what was available. Having a central
+ and well-organized place where everyone can share their information and knowledge
+ about visual novels would solve this problem.<br />
+ <br />
+ After a short three weeks of hard work, the first version of VNDB saw the light
+ of day in September 2007. The obscurity and small fanbase around visual novels,
+ combined with the bare minimum of features and the rigid contribution system
+ in use at the time, made that the database only grew at a slow pace. But with time
+ more people learned about VNDB, new and advanced features were being introduced,
+ and in response more visitors started contributing information. The introduction
+ of an improved and open contribution system in February 2008 motivated even more
+ users to submit information, and as of September 2008 - a year after the initial
+ version of VNDB - the database catalogues more than 1000 visual novels and 2000
+ releases, which still continues to grow in size and quality today.
- <dt><a href="/u2">yorhel</a> <b>[a.k.a. Ayo]</b></dt><dd>
- Founder of VNDB and still active as the main developer.
- </dd><dt><a href="/u93">applehq</a></dt><dd>
- Moderator for both the discussion board and database entries.
- </dd><dt><a href="/u4" class="retired">hillie</a> <b>[retired]</b></dt><dd>
- Responsible for beta testing of the first few versions of the site and
- moderating user submitted content.
- </dd>
Due to the sites nature as a wiki, all information in the database is added and
- kept up-to-date by active users. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed
- to the site, and the following users in particular:
+ kept up-to-date by active users. VNDB would not have been as large and comprehensive
+ as it is now without the support of the many contributers. For a complete list of
+ active contributors, check out the <a href="/u/all?o=d;s=changes">user list</a>.
- <dt><a href="/u18">rasqual</a></dt><dd>
- One of the first active contributors. Added many visual novels to the
- database when it was still a small and unknown website and gave useful
- feedback on new features. His contributions motivated many other visitors to
- help out as well.
- </dd><dt><a href="/u51">echomateria</a></dt><dd>
- Responsible for adding more than 500 visual novels in less than two months,
- making him the largest contributor to the database. Also helped out with
- thinking of new features and keeping the IRC channel busy.
- </dd>