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Animation fields for releases
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that all characters (maybe with the exeption of a few minor characters) are voiced in
all scenes. <i>Only ero scenes voiced</i> speaks for itself, and <i>Partially voiced</i>
should be used when there is some voice acting, but only for the main characters or only
- in some scenes.</dd>
+ in some scenes.
+ </dd><dt>Animation</dt><dd>
+ Whether the game has any animation can be specified with two seperate options: one for
+ the normal story mode and one for the ero scenes, if the game has any. With <i>Simple
+ animations</i>, we refer to (usually looping) effects like falling leaves or snow in the
+ background or animated facial expressions like blinking eyes and a moving mouth.
+ <i>Fully animated scenes</i> refers to non-looping anime-like scenes. Some games are
+ entirely like this, others only have a few scenes that are fully animated. Effects like
+ moving sprites around the screen, basic zooming and shaking background images are not
+ considered as "animations". Minigames or other gameplay elements are excluded as well,
+ only the (ADV/VN-like) story parts and ero scenes should be considered.
+ </dd>
<b>Platform</b><br />
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@@ -224,6 +224,13 @@ our %S = (%S,
'Partially voiced',
'Fully voiced',
+ animated => [
+ 'Unkown',
+ 'No animations',
+ 'Simple animations',
+ 'Some fully animated scenes',
+ 'All scenes fully animated',
+ ],
votes => [
'worst ever',