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SQL: Use separate role for the website + disallow access to user data
Previously the website was connected to the database with a "database owner" user, which has far too many permissions. Now there's a special vndb_site user with only the necessary permissions. The primary reason to do this is to decrease the impact if the site process is compromised. E.g. it's now no longer possible to delete or modify old entry revisions. An attacker can still do a lot of damage, however. Additionally (and this was the main reason to implement this change in the first place), the user sessions, passwords and email data is now not easily accessible anymore. Hopefully, the new user management abstractions will prevent email and password dumps in case of an SQL injection or RCE vulnerability in the site code. Of course, this only works if my implementation is fully correct and there's no privilige escalation vulnerability somewhere. Furthermore, changing your password now invalidates any existing sessions, and the password reset function is disabled for 'usermods' (because usermods can list email addresses from the database, and the password reset function could still allow an attacker to gain access to anyone's account). I also changed the format of the password reset tokens, as they totally don't need to be salted.
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@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ our %S;
ch_size => [ 256, 300 ], # max. w*h of char images
cv_size => [ 256, 400 ], # max. w*h of cover images
# bit flags (Flag 8 was used for staffedit, now free to re-use)
+ # The 'usermod' flag is hardcoded in sql/func.sql for user_* functions.
permissions => {qw| board 1 boardmod 2 edit 4 tag 16 dbmod 32 tagmod 64 usermod 128 affiliate 256 |},
default_perm => 1+4+16, # Keep synchronised with the default value of users.perm
default_tags_cat=> 'cont,tech',