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- The companies/groups/individuals involved in the creation, development or translation
- of this release. Does not include distributors.
+ The companies/groups/individuals involved in the development or publishing of
+ this release. Does not include distributors. The following roles can be selected:
+ <dl>
+ <dt>Developer</dt><dd>
+ The producer involved in the creation of the game itself, not necessarily of
+ this specific release. Keep in mind that producers that have made modifications
+ to a game but have not made the game itself should NOT be listed as developers.
+ </dd><dt>Publisher</dt><dd>
+ The producer responsible for publishing this specific release. The publisher may have
+ made modifications to the game (e.g. translating all text or porting to a different
+ platform), but was not involved in the creation process.
+ </dd><dt>Both</dt><dd>
+ When the release is developed and published by the same producer. This is often
+ true for doujin games and the first releases of commercial games.
+ </dd>
+ </dl>