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API: Added 'details' info flag to the get vn command
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array of strings. Can be an empty array when nothing has been released yet.
</dd><dt>platforms (basic)</dt><dd>
array of strings. Can be an empty array when unknown or nothing has been released yet.
+ </dd><dt>aliases (details)</dt><dd>
+ string, comma-separated list of aliases. Can be <b>null</b>.
+ </dd><dt>length (details)</dt><dd>
+ integer between 1 and 5, length of the game. <b>null</b> when unknown.
+ </dd><dt>description (details)</dt><dd>
+ string, description of the VN. Note that this description can include formatting codes as described in d9.3.
+ <b>null</b> when whe don't have a description.
+ </dd><dt>links (details)</dt><dd>
+ object. Contains the following members:<br />
+ "wikipedia", string, name of the related article on the English Wikipedia.<br />
+ "encubed", string, the URL-encoded tag used on <a href="">encubed</a>.<br />
+ "renai", string, the name part of the url on <a href=""></a>.<br />
+ All members can be <b>null</b> when no links are available or known to us.
<br />