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VN::Edit: Allow screenshot editing if there are screens but no releases
To allow deletion of screenshots after all releases have been removed. The cast edit function already has a similar check.
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diff --git a/elm/VNEdit.elm b/elm/VNEdit.elm
index 94020dfb..4e442815 100644
--- a/elm/VNEdit.elm
+++ b/elm/VNEdit.elm
@@ -547,7 +547,7 @@ view model =
if == Nothing
then text <| "Screenshots can be uploaded to this visual novel once it has a release entry associated with it. "
++ "To do so, first create this entry without screenshots, then create the appropriate release entries, and finally come back to this form by editing the visual novel."
- else if List.isEmpty model.releases
+ else if List.isEmpty model.screenshots && List.isEmpty model.releases
then p []
[ text "This visual novel does not have any releases associated with it (yet). Please "
, a [ href <| "/v" ++ Maybe.withDefault "" ( String.fromInt ++ "/add" ] [ text "add the appropriate release entries" ]