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rewards: Apply supporters badge and unicode name (almost) everywhere
Only place where this isn't applied (yet?): Sorting user lists still goes by the old username and board names don't use the new unicode names. I have to say, I quite like the sql_user() and user_() pattern. It's not without problems when applied to everything, but it's good enough for several use cases.
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--- a/lib/VNDB/DB/
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@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ sub dbReleaseGetRev {
my $select = 'c.itemid AS id, r.title, r.original,, r.released, r.minage, r.type, r.patch';
$select .= ', r.notes, r.catalog, r.gtin, r.resolution, r.voiced, r.freeware, r.doujin, r.uncensored, r.ani_story, r.ani_ero, r.engine, ro.hidden, ro.locked' if $o{what} =~ /extended/;
- $select .= ', extract(\'epoch\' from c.added) as added, c.requester, c.comments, u.username, c.rev, c.ihid, c.ilock';
+ $select .= ', extract(\'epoch\' from c.added) as added, c.comments, c.rev, c.ihid, c.ilock, '.VNWeb::DB::sql_user();
$select .= ', AS cid, NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM changes c2 WHERE c2.type = c.type AND c2.itemid = c.itemid AND c2.rev = c.rev+1) AS lastrev';
my $r = $self->dbAll(q|