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Misc poll improvements
- Merged polls table into threads table. Not much of a storage/performance difference, and it's a bit simpler this way. - Merged DB::Polls into DB::Discussions. Mainly because of the above change in DB structure. - Add option to remove an existing poll. - Allow preview and recast to be changed without deleting the votes - Set preview option by default. Because personal preferences. :) - Minor form validation differences
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diff --git a/lib/VNDB/Util/ b/lib/VNDB/Util/
index e1f3bdfc..cca2b150 100644
--- a/lib/VNDB/Util/
+++ b/lib/VNDB/Util/
@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ sub htmlFormError {
if($type eq 'required') {
li; lit mt $field eq 'editsum' ?'_formerr_tpl_editsum' : '_formerr_required', $field; end;
- li mt '_formerr_min', $field, $rule if $type eq 'min';
- li mt '_formerr_max', $field, $rule if $type eq 'max';
+ li mt '_formerr_mincount', $field, $rule if $type eq 'mincount';
+ li mt '_formerr_maxcount', $field, $rule if $type eq 'maxcount';
li mt '_formerr_minlength', $field, $rule if $type eq 'minlength';
li mt '_formerr_maxlength', $field, $rule if $type eq 'maxlength';
li mt '_formerr_enum', $field, join ', ', @$rule if $type eq 'enum';