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Add sampling-based trace logging
This is intended to get some stats about resource usage (which pages/modules are requested often, how much time do they take, etc) to reduce server load and find pages to optimize, and to track usage of Elm modules in order to see how many pageviews actually need them so that I can (hopefully) create smaller JS bundles for most pages. The logging *should* not include any personally identifiable information, but paths and query strings could still reveal more information than necessary. Trace logging is intended to only be enabled for short periods of time or with low sample rates in order to avoid slowing down the server with too much logging. I also don't intend to keep the data around for longer than necessary. I'm not providing SQL migration scripts for these, this feature is going to require custom querying anyway.
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@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ my $config = {
board_edit_time => 7*24*3600, # Time after which posts become immutable
poll_options => 20, # max number of options in discussion board polls
graphviz_path => '/usr/bin/dot',
+ trace_log => 0,
dlsite_url => '',
denpa_url => '',