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Use SASS for CSS + static asset reoganization
Had been planning to use a more powerful preprocessor for CSS for a while, so that I can also reorganize and clean up the CSS a bit. The cleanup will come later, this is the first step to reorganize the build system a bit and remove I moved all generated static assets to static/g/ (for _g_enerated), including icons.png and js files. This simplifies management of static/f/ and static/s/, which are fully in git. Skins are now defined as sass files in css/skins/ with their images in static/s/ using plain directory structure.
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-name Touhou (grey)
-userid 2
-// text
-maintext #222
-grayedout #666
-standout #500
-link #005
-statok #050
-statnok #500
-footer #999
-// titles
-maintitle #ccc
-boxtitle #444
-alttitle #000
-// bg colors
-bodybg #fff
-tabbg #ddd
-secbg #ccc
-secborder #000
-border #999
-boxbg #ddddddcc
-// images (0 = no image)
-imglefttop bg.jpg
-imgrighttop bgright.jpg
-// misc colors
-diffadd #cfc
-diffdel #fcc
-warnbg #fcc
-warnborder #c00
-noticebg #cfc
-noticeborder #0c0