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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ name Seinarukana (white)
// text
maintext #131838 // primary text color (also used for the menu links)
grayedout #fc8e77 //#fcdfd9 // color used for grayed-out/non-important things
-standout #a5e2f2 // color of 'stand-out' text
+standout #e93d71 //#a5e2f2 // color of 'stand-out' text
link #5a5fc7 //#9fa1c7 // primary link color (not used for the menu links)
statok #424d81 // generic 'ok' text color (used for vnlist statuses & category browser)
statnok #a43462 // generoc 'not ok' text color (used for above, and as border for NSFW screenshots)