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Change normalization factor in popularity ranking calculation
Suggested by Hinoe, quoting his reasoning: In popularity rankings, change the normalization from "sqrt(LowerVoteCount)" == "LowerVoteCount^0.5" to something that grows somewhat more slowly. Details: Natural logarithm itself (ln(LowerVoteCount+1)) is too slow; at the current VN count (15403), it returns 9.64; however, sqrt(15402) is just above 124.1, which I feel is already too high. After experimenting with the exponents a bit, I decided that the best point likely lies between 0.3, which returns a bit above 18.0, and 0.4, which returns a bit above 47.3. Thus, I suggest that the new function be LowerVoteCount^0.36788; the exponent is a 5-digit approximation of e^-1, just because it's a nice number in the specified area and works well, returning circa 34.7.
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