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js: Wrap included files in anonymous function
This removes the need to indent all files and add the anonymous function manually, and it also provides clean and consistent semantics. I already rewrote the library-like files earlier on to add their public interfaces to the window object, so everything should keep working after this change. It's still possible that some files use use a function from another non-library file. Those will break, but I'm sure such cases will be found soon enough, if they exist.
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--- a/util/
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@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ sub readjs {
local $/ = undef;
local $_ = <$JS>;
close $JS;
- s{^//include (.+)$}{readjs($1)}meg;
+ s{^//include (.+)$}{'(function(){'.readjs($1).'})();'}meg;