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Switch to HTML5 doctype + s/acronym/abbr/ + s/&nbsp;/&#xa0;/e
I'd have preferred to stick with XHTML 1.0, but unfortunately browsers won't allow you to use modern Javascript APIs with an older doctype. Note that most pages don't actually validate correctly as HTML5, I'm relying on browsers to be lenient. In either case, I'd like VNDB to stay valid XML (XHTML5, then), and luckily that shouldn't be a problem.
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diff --git a/util/updates/update_2.26.sql b/util/updates/update_2.26.sql
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--- a/util/updates/update_2.26.sql
+++ b/util/updates/update_2.26.sql
@@ -3,3 +3,7 @@ UPDATE users SET perm = (perm & ~8);
-- Removed support for sha256-hashed passwords
UPDATE users SET passwd = '' WHERE length(passwd) = 41;
+-- Need to regenerate all relation graphs in the switch to HTML5
+UPDATE vn SET rgraph = NULL;
+UPDATE producers SET rgraph = NULL;