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SQL: Throwing around some indices
These indices provide a significant speed-up of /v+ and /u+ pages, and improve some other stuff as well.
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diff --git a/util/sql/tableattrs.sql b/util/sql/tableattrs.sql
index 5b9ca1ae..7a144e1f 100644
--- a/util/sql/tableattrs.sql
+++ b/util/sql/tableattrs.sql
@@ -94,18 +94,24 @@ ALTER TABLE wlists ADD CONSTRAINT wlists_vid_fkey
CREATE INDEX affiliate_links_rid ON affiliate_links (rid) WHERE NOT hidden;
+CREATE INDEX chars_main ON chars (main) WHERE main IS NOT NULL AND NOT hidden; -- Only used on /c+
+CREATE INDEX chars_vns_vid ON chars_vns (vid);
CREATE INDEX notifications_uid ON notifications (uid);
CREATE INDEX releases_producers_pid ON releases_producers (pid);
CREATE INDEX releases_vn_vid ON releases_vn (vid);
CREATE INDEX staff_alias_id ON staff_alias (id);
CREATE INDEX tags_vn_date ON tags_vn (date);
CREATE INDEX tags_vn_inherit_tag_vid ON tags_vn_inherit (tag, vid);
+CREATE INDEX tags_vn_uid ON tags_vn (uid);
CREATE INDEX tags_vn_vid ON tags_vn (vid);
-CREATE INDEX threads_posts_ts ON threads_posts USING gin(bb_tsvector(msg));
CREATE INDEX threads_posts_date ON threads_posts (date);
+CREATE INDEX threads_posts_ts ON threads_posts USING gin(bb_tsvector(msg));
CREATE INDEX threads_posts_uid ON threads_posts (uid); -- Only really used on /u+ pages to get stats
+CREATE INDEX vn_seiyuu_aid ON vn_seiyuu (aid); -- Only used on /s+?
+CREATE INDEX vn_seiyuu_cid ON vn_seiyuu (cid); -- Only used on /c+?
CREATE INDEX vn_staff_aid ON vn_staff (aid);
-CREATE INDEX vn_seiyuu_aid ON vn_seiyuu (aid);
+CREATE INDEX votes_date ON votes (date desc); -- Mainly used on /v+ pages, other pages don't really need it
+CREATE INDEX votes_uid ON votes (uid);
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX changes_itemrev ON changes (type, itemid, rev);
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX chars_vns_pkey ON chars_vns (id, vid, COALESCE(rid, 0));
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX chars_vns_hist_pkey ON chars_vns_hist (chid, vid, COALESCE(rid, 0));