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Add bb2text() and use it for release notes & open graph tags
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--- a/util/
+++ b/util/
@@ -12,79 +12,102 @@ use Benchmark 'timethese';
our($ROOT, %S);
BEGIN { ($ROOT = abs_path $0) =~ s{/util/bbcode-test\.pl$}{}; }
use lib "$ROOT/lib";
-use VNDB::BBCode;
+use VNDB::BBCode qw/bb2html bb2text/;
my @tests = (
+ '',
'[From [url=]DLsite English[/url]]',
'[From <a href="" rel="nofollow">DLsite English</a>]',
+ '[From DLsite English]',
'[url=]some url[/url]',
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">some url</a>',
+ 'some url',
'[quote]some quote[/quote]',
'<div class="quote">some quote</div>',
+ 'some quote',
"[code]some code\n\nalso newlines;[/code]",
'<pre>some code<br><br>also newlines;</pre>',
+ "some code\n\nalso newlines;",
'[spoiler]some spoiler[/spoiler]',
'<b class="spoiler">some spoiler</b>',
+ '',
"[raw][quote]not parsed\n[url=]valid url[/url]\n[url=asdf]invalid url[/url][/quote][/raw]",
"[quote]not parsed<br>[url=]valid url[/url]<br>[url=asdf]invalid url[/url][/quote]",
+ "[quote]not parsed\n[url=]valid url[/url]\n[url=asdf]invalid url[/url][/quote]",
'[quote]basic [spoiler]single[/spoiler]-line [spoiler][url=/g]tag[/url] nesting [raw](without [url=/v3333]special[/url] cases)[/raw][/spoiler][/quote]',
'<div class="quote">basic <b class="spoiler">single</b>-line <b class="spoiler"><a href="/g" rel="nofollow">tag</a> nesting (without [url=/v3333]special[/url] cases)</b></div>',
+ 'basic -line ',
"[quote]rmnewline after closing tag[/quote]\n",
'<div class="quote">rmnewline after closing tag</div>',
+ "rmnewline after closing tag\n",
'[url=/v19]some vndb url[/url]',
'<a href="/v19" rel="nofollow">some vndb url</a>',
+ 'some vndb url',
"quite\n\n\n\n\n\n\na\n\n\n\n\n lot of\n\n\n\nunneeded whitespace",
'quite<br><br>a<br><br> lot of<br><br><br><br>unneeded whitespace',
+ "quite\n\n\n\n\n\n\na\n\n\n\n\n lot of\n\n\n\nunneeded whitespace",
'<div class="quote">simple<br>rmnewline<br>test<br></div>',
+ "\nsimple\nrmnewline\ntest\n",
# the new implementation doesn't special-case [code], as the first newline shouldn't matter either way
"[quote]\n\nhello, rmnewline test[code]\n#!/bin/sh\n\nfunction random_username() {\n </dev/urandom tr -cd 'a-zA-Z0-9' | dd bs=1 count=16 2>/dev/null\n}\n[/code]\nsome text after the code tag\n[/quote]\n\n[spoiler]\nsome newlined spoiler\n[/spoiler]",
'<div class="quote"><br>hello, rmnewline test<pre>#!/bin/sh<br><br>function random_username() {<br> &lt;/dev/urandom tr -cd \'a-zA-Z0-9\' | dd bs=1 count=16 2&gt;/dev/null<br>}<br></pre>some text after the code tag<br></div><br><b class="spoiler"><br>some newlined spoiler<br></b>',
+ "\n\nhello, rmnewline test\n#!/bin/sh\n\nfunction random_username() {\n </dev/urandom tr -cd 'a-zA-Z0-9' | dd bs=1 count=16 2>/dev/null\n}\n\nsome text after the code tag\n\n\n",
"[quote]\n[raw]\nrmnewline test with made-up elements\n[/raw]\nwelp\n[dumbtag]\nnone\n[/dumbtag]\n[/quote]",
'<div class="quote"><br>rmnewline test with made-up elements<br><br>welp<br>[dumbtag]<br>none<br>[/dumbtag]<br></div>',
+ "\n\nrmnewline test with made-up elements\n\nwelp\n[dumbtag]\nnone\n[/dumbtag]\n",
'[url=]markup in [raw][url][/raw][/url]',
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">markup in [url]</a>',
+ "markup in [url]",
'[url=]ipv4 address in [url][/url]',
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">ipv4 address in [url]</a>',
+ 'ipv4 address in [url]',
' (literal ipv4 address)',
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">link</a> (literal ipv4 address)',
+ ' (literal ipv4 address)',
'[url=]ipv4 address (port included) in [url][/url]',
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">ipv4 address (port included) in [url]</a>',
+ 'ipv4 address (port included) in [url]',
' (literal ipv4 address, port included)',
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">link</a> (literal ipv4 address, port included)',
+ ' (literal ipv4 address, port included)',
'[Quote]non-lowercase tags [SpOILER]here[/sPOilER][/qUOTe]',
'<div class="quote">non-lowercase tags <b class="spoiler">here</b></div>',
+ 'non-lowercase tags ',
'some text [spoiler]with (v17) tags[/spoiler] and internal ids such as s1',
'some text <b class="spoiler">with (<a href="/v17">v17</a>) tags</b> and internal ids such as <a href="/s1">s1</a>',
+ 'some text and internal ids such as s1',
'r12.1 v6.3 s1.2',
'<a href="/r12.1">r12.1</a> <a href="/v6.3">v6.3</a> <a href="/s1.2">s1.2</a>',
+ 'r12.1 v6.3 s1.2',
'v17 text dds16v21 more text1 v9',
'<a href="/v17">v17</a> text dds16v21 more text1 <a href="/v9">v9</a>',
+ 'v17 text dds16v21 more text1 v9',
# Not sure what to do here
@@ -95,19 +118,24 @@ my @tests = (
'<tag>html escapes (&)</tag>',
'&lt;tag&gt;html escapes (&amp;)&lt;/tag&gt;',
+ '<tag>html escapes (&)</tag>',
'[spoiler]stray open tag',
'<b class="spoiler">stray open tag</b>',
+ '',
# TODO: This isn't ideal
'[quote][spoiler]stray open tag (nested)[/quote]',
'<div class="quote"><b class="spoiler">stray open tag (nested)[/quote]</b></div>',
+ '',
'[quote][spoiler]two stray open tags',
'<div class="quote"><b class="spoiler">two stray open tags</b></div>',
+ '',
"[url=]that's [spoiler]some [quote]uncommon[/quote][/spoiler] combination[/url]",
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">that\'s [spoiler]some [quote]uncommon[/quote][/spoiler] combination</a>',
+ "that's [spoiler]some [quote]uncommon[/quote][/spoiler] combination",
# > I don't see anyone using IPv6 URLs anytime soon, so I'm not worried too either way.
#'[url=http://[fedc:ba98:7654:3210:fedc:ba98:7654:3210]/some/path]ipv6 address in [url][/url]',
@@ -119,9 +147,11 @@ my @tests = (
# test shortening
[ "[url=]that's [spoiler]some [quote]uncommon[/quote][/spoiler] combination[/url]", 10 ],
'<a href="" rel="nofollow">that\'s </a>',
+ "that's [spoiler]some [quote]uncommon[/quote][/spoiler] combination",
[ "A only takes 4 characters", 8 ],
'A <a href="" rel="nofollow">link</a>',
+ "A only takes 4 characters",
@@ -145,17 +175,18 @@ sub identity {
sub test {
- push @tests, map +($_,$_), @invalid_syntax;
+ push @tests, map +($_,$_,$_), @invalid_syntax;
plan tests => scalar @tests;
- my @t = @tests;
- while(@t) {
- my $input = shift @t;
- my $html = shift @t;
+ while(@tests) {
+ my $input = shift @tests;
+ my $html = shift @tests;
+ my $plain = shift @tests;
my @arg = ref $input ? @$input : ($input);
(my $msg = $arg[0]) =~ s/\n/\\n/g;
- is identity($arg[0]), $arg[0], $msg;
- is bb2html(@arg), $html, $msg;
+ is identity($arg[0]), $arg[0], "id: $msg";
+ is bb2html(@arg), $html, "html: $msg";
+ is bb2text($arg[0]), $plain, "plain: $msg";