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Add profile option for the default spoiler setting
This fixes the unexpected behaviour that changing the spoiler setting on one page will change it for all pages. All manual spoiler changing options are temporary now.
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diff --git a/util/sql/all.sql b/util/sql/all.sql
index e87c6e28..f8775ac3 100644
--- a/util/sql/all.sql
+++ b/util/sql/all.sql
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ CREATE TYPE medium AS ENUM ('cd', 'dvd', 'gdr', 'blr', 'flp', 'mrt',
CREATE TYPE notification_ntype AS ENUM ('pm', 'dbdel', 'listdel', 'dbedit', 'announce');
CREATE TYPE notification_ltype AS ENUM ('v', 'r', 'p', 'c', 't', 's');
CREATE TYPE platform AS ENUM ('win', 'dos', 'lin', 'mac', 'ios', 'and', 'dvd', 'bdp', 'fmt', 'gba', 'gbc', 'msx', 'nds', 'nes', 'p88', 'p98', 'pce', 'pcf', 'psp', 'ps1', 'ps2', 'ps3', 'ps4', 'psv', 'drc', 'sat', 'sfc', 'wii', 'n3d', 'x68', 'xb1', 'xb3', 'xbo', 'web', 'oth');
-CREATE TYPE prefs_key AS ENUM ('l10n', 'skin', 'customcss', 'filter_vn', 'filter_release', 'show_nsfw', 'hide_list', 'notify_nodbedit', 'notify_announce', 'vn_list_own', 'vn_list_wish', 'tags_all', 'tags_cat');
+CREATE TYPE prefs_key AS ENUM ('l10n', 'skin', 'customcss', 'filter_vn', 'filter_release', 'show_nsfw', 'hide_list', 'notify_nodbedit', 'notify_announce', 'vn_list_own', 'vn_list_wish', 'tags_all', 'tags_cat', 'spoilers');
CREATE TYPE producer_relation AS ENUM ('old', 'new', 'sub', 'par', 'imp', 'ipa', 'spa', 'ori');
CREATE TYPE release_type AS ENUM ('complete', 'partial', 'trial');
CREATE TYPE tag_category AS ENUM('cont', 'ero', 'tech');
diff --git a/util/updates/update_2.25.sql b/util/updates/update_2.25.sql
index ef1917ef..2b959090 100644
--- a/util/updates/update_2.25.sql
+++ b/util/updates/update_2.25.sql
@@ -41,4 +41,5 @@ UPDATE stats_cache SET count = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM staff WHERE hidden = FA
-- New preferences
ALTER TYPE prefs_key ADD VALUE 'tags_all';
ALTER TYPE prefs_key ADD VALUE 'tags_cat';
+ALTER TYPE prefs_key ADD VALUE 'spoilers';