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notifications: Add backend for subscriptions and new notification types
+ (un)subscription for new posts/edits on individual threads, reviews and DB entries. + Subscribing to VNs to get notifications for new reviews. + The users.notify_posts setting now also includes comments on reviews the user has commented on. While this is all very nice and such, it's just the data model and backend. The hard part is the user interface.
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diff --git a/util/updates/wip-notifications.sql b/util/updates/wip-notifications.sql
index 31dababa..1a817b33 100644
--- a/util/updates/wip-notifications.sql
+++ b/util/updates/wip-notifications.sql
@@ -13,5 +13,20 @@ ALTER TABLE notifications ALTER COLUMN ntype TYPE notification_ntype[] USING ARR
ALTER TABLE notifications DROP COLUMN c_title;
ALTER TABLE notifications DROP COLUMN c_byuser;
+-- Subscriptions
+ALTER TYPE notification_ntype ADD VALUE 'subpost' AFTER 'comment';
+ALTER TYPE notification_ntype ADD VALUE 'subedit' AFTER 'subpost';
+ALTER TYPE notification_ntype ADD VALUE 'subreview' AFTER 'subedit';
+CREATE TABLE notification_subs (
+ uid integer NOT NULL,
+ iid vndbid NOT NULL,
+ subnum boolean,
+ subreview boolean NOT NULL DEFAULT false,
+ PRIMARY KEY(iid,uid)
+ALTER TABLE notification_subs ADD CONSTRAINT notification_subs_uid_fkey FOREIGN KEY (uid) REFERENCES users (id) ON DELETE CASCADE;
\i sql/func.sql
\i sql/triggers.sql
+\i sql/perms.sql