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Add tags_vn_direct cache table
This speeds up VN pages a little bit, but the main reason for this table is to implement no-parent-inherit tag search. Because the rows in tags_vn_direct represent an intermediate calculation for tags_vn_inherit, generating and updating these caches isn't all that much slower with this change. I'm not a fan of the DELETE & re-INSERT approach on individual-VN updates, though, as that tends to cause unnecessary (index) writes. Not sure how complex a more incremental update is to implement, but it sounds painful. :/
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diff --git a/util/updates/2022-08-03-tags_vn_direct.sql b/util/updates/2022-08-03-tags_vn_direct.sql
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+++ b/util/updates/2022-08-03-tags_vn_direct.sql
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+CREATE TABLE tags_vn_direct (
+ tag vndbid NOT NULL,
+ vid vndbid NOT NULL,
+ rating real NOT NULL,
+ spoiler smallint NOT NULL,
+ lie boolean NOT NULL
+\i sql/func.sql
+\i sql/perms.sql
+SELECT tag_vn_calc(NULL);