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Something has happened, so work it out! Alternatively, hide under a rock.
Pull some heart-strings, get intimate with another character, and have some fun!
- Plenty of dating or some fanservice.
+ <br />
+ <b>Note</b>: Romance does not imply that sexual intercourse takes place. Likewise,
+ Sexual Content does not imply romantic intercourse takes place (for instance,
+ rape).
</dd><dt>School Life</dt><dd>
Obviously, a school is needed.
It seems like a chore to us, but the characters like learning.
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+ Also known as Visual Novel or Novel Style.
All games where the text is overlaid on the background and there is no special
dialog-box fall under this category.
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The game takes place on our own planet.
+ Most continents, countries and cities featured are portrayed as they are
+ or have been on Earth.
+ Stories set in ficticious cities based on real cities in recognised countries
+ take place on Earth.
</dd><dt>Fantasy World</dt><dd>
The game takes place on another world. The game's environment could be similar
to that of our own with a few significant changes, but it could also be
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Indicates some information about the character the player takes control of.
+ A combination of male and female protagonists is possible, e.g. multiple
+ protagonists.
+ In cases of sex change or transsexuality, use both.
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The usage of male characters with childlike features in sexual situations.
Sexual content depicting activity between males.
+ This does not imply Shounen Ai.
+ <br />
Also known as: Boys' Love.
Sexual content depicting activity between females.
+ This does not imply Shoujo Ai (for example, threesomes).
Situation in which a character is made to engage in sexual activities against
their will.