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to be released.
Trial versions are heavily cut down and free releases so that you can
experience a game before you buy it. Sometimes, trial versions are cut
- down for web transmission and do not completely represent the finished product.
+ down for web transmission and do not completely represent the finished product.<br />
+ In the case of a translation patch, the type should indicate whether it translates
+ the full game (Complete), or just parts of it (Partial).
+ </dd><dt>Patch</dt><dd>
+ Use this checkbox to indicate that the release is a (translation) patch, used to
+ patch an other release.
</dd><dt>Title (romaji)</dt><dd>
The name of the release, in the Latin character set (using Romanisation or translation)
</dd><dt>Original title</dt><dd>
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For all others, the date on which the release was first available.
If it was posted on a website, the date on which the post was public.
</dd><dt>Age rating</dt><dd>
- ..
+ The minimum age rating for the release. On most releases, this is specified on the
+ packaging or on product web pages.
Anything miscellaneous and useful.
Generally, extras (but not preorder bonuses) and progress information go here.
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:SUB:Platforms &amp; Media
+ The platforms that the product was released for. Does not include emulated platforms
+ (e.g. Playstation 2 games on Playstation 3) or WINE. DVD Player refers to games playable
+ as a normal DVD Video (DVDPG) and should not be confused with the DVD as a medium.
+ <br /><br />
+ The following media can be selected:
- <dt>Platforms</dt><dd>
- ..
- </dd><dt>Media</dt><dd>
- ..
+ <dt>Blu-ray</dt><dd>
+ Blu-ray Disk, typically 30-60GB+. Requires a Blu-ray Drive. Playstation 3 are
+ normally Blu-ray.
+ </dd><dt>CD</dt><dd>
+ CD-ROM, typically 700MB.
+ </dd><dt>DVD</dt><dd>
+ DVD5, typically 4.5GB, or DVD9, typically 9GB. DVDPG games are DVD.
+ </dd><dt>Floppy</dt><dd>
+ 5 1/4" or 3 3/4", no greater than 1.44MB.
+ </dd><dt>GD</dt><dd>
+ Dreamcast games are normally GD disks.
+ </dd><dt>Internet Download</dt><dd>
+ Anything without a physical box, i.e. obtained by downloading it over a network.
+ </dd><dt>Memory Card</dt><dd>
+ Any SD (Secure Digital) Card variant or MMC variant, Compact Flash or "USB Sticks".
+ The Main difference between this and Cartridge (below) is that Memory Cards are
+ re-writable (RW).
+ </dd><dt>Cartridge</dt><dd>
+ Compare with Memory Cards (above). Read-only. Famicom (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES),
+ Game Boy Advanced (GBA) and Nintendo DS use cartridges.
+ </dd><dt>Nintendo Optical Disk</dt><dd>
+ Non-CD or DVD optical disks used by various Nintendo consoles.
+ </dd><dt>Other</dt><dd>
+ Any format not considered to be any of these mentioned should take this media.
+ However, it should not be used liberally, and it's inclusion may need to be justified.
+ </dd><dt>UMD</dt><dd>
+ Universal Media Disk, typically 2.2GB. Playstation Portable uses this format.