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:TITLE:Adding/Editing a Producer
:SUB:When to add a producer
- <i>TODO</i>
+ A producer entry should be created when adding a release of a visual novel made by a
+ producer not yet listed in the database. Producers that don't have any releases listed
+ in the database may be deleted after a while, so only create an entry if you're going to
+ link it to a release. For a producer to be listed, they're required to have at least
+ released one completed product. Which means that for translation projects, only add the
+ group as a producer when they've actually finished a project.
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The type of producer.
</dd><dt>Name (romaji)</dt><dd>
- The name of the producer in the Latin alphabet (using Romanisation or translation).
+ The name of the producer in the Latin alphabet, using <a href="/d5.1">romanisation</a>
+ in case the original name isn't in the Latin alphabet already. <a href="/d5.2">Capitalization</a>
+ is also important for this field.
</dd><dt>Original name</dt><dd>
- If the Name (above) has been Romanised or translated, place the original name here.
+ If the Name (above) has been romanised, make sure to mention the original (most likely
+ the Japanese) name here.
Other names the producer is known as. Multiple aliases should be separated by a comma.
</dd><dt>Primary language</dt><dd>