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+These relations provide information about which producers are related to each
+other, and how they are related. Choosing the correct relation may be a bit
+confusing, check the relation graph of the producer entry in case of doubt.
+The following relations are defined:
+ <dt>Formerly</dt><dd>
+ The current producer was earlier known as the selected producer. This can be
+ because of a name change, or when the earlier producer disbanded and the same
+ people started again under a different name.
+ </dd><dt>Succeeded by</dt><dd>
+ Reverse of <i>Formerly</i>.
+ </dd><dt>Subsidiary</dt><dd>
+ Selected producer is a subsidiary of the current producer. A subsidiary is
+ still "part" of the parent producer, but consist of a different group and
+ publishes under a different name.
+ </dd><dt>Parent producer</dt><dd>
+ Reverse of <i>Subsidiary</i>.
+ </dd><dt>Imprint</dt><dd>
+ Selected producer is an imprint of the current producer. Simply put, an
+ "imprint" is a different name for the same group of people, used when
+ publishing games. See <a href="">Wikipedia</a> for more info.
+ </dd><dt>Parent brand</dt><dd>
+ Reverse of <i>Imprint</i>.
+ </dd><dt>Spawned</dt><dd>
+ The selected producer was formed by former members of the current producers.
+ The difference with the <i>Formerly</i> relation is that the producer where the
+ members came from is still alive.
+ </dd><dt>Originated from</dt><dd>
+ Reverse of <i>Spawned</i>.
+ </dd>